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Ronya in Action

Watch Ronya describe the practice and power of mindfulness in excerpts from a videotaped presentation.

Ronya Banks giving a mindfulness presentation

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What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of moment-by-moment awareness of your thoughts, emotions, sensations, and environment.

Mindfulness brings a non-judgmental attention to the here and now, allowing you to respond rather than react to the events in your life.

Extensive research has shown mindfulness can dramatically improve your health—physically, emotionally, and mentally. It has also been shown to enhance concentration, decision-making, resilience, compassion, and creativity.

Find out why the Mayo Clinic, Time Magazine, and the Harvard Business Review tout mindfulness as a revolution in health care and business practices.

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“Thank you so much for coming to Care Partners to teach us Mindfulness Meditation techniques. Your instruction, knowledge of, and experience with meditation was refreshing and very helpful to all of us.”

Danny Johnson, Care Partners Hospice

“Ronya is very knowledgeable and her wise and caring approach makes it easy to learn these mindfulness practices.”

Amy Joy Suben, MSW, LCSW- C

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