Beginning Mindfulness Meditation

Beginning Mindfulness Meditation is a great way to explore one of the fundamental building blocks of mindfulness: meditation.

What Is Meditation?

The type of meditation you will be learning is Mindfulness Meditation, also called Insight Meditation or Vipassana. It is simply the practice of moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness of the here and now.

Mindfulness meditation does not require you to sit in any uncomfortable postures. You do not have to chant a mantra. You do not have to try to stop your thoughts or empty your mind.

Instead, you will be taught techniques that help you focus closely on particular aspects of your experience, such as your breathing, your body sensations, or your thoughts and emotions as they come and go.

By learning how to focus on your immediate experiences, you will lay the groundwork for extending the powerful practice of mindfulness into your daily life outside of formal meditation sessions.

Why Learn Meditation?

Meditation will teach you a new way of experiencing the world—as though every moment mattered. At the same time, meditation teaches you resilience, flexibility, and equanimity in the face of life’s inevitable ups and downs. People who learn and continue to practice meditation typically report a profound improvement in the quality of their lives and their sense of fulfillment.

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About the Instruction

Beginning Mindfulness Meditation classes can be taken by individuals or by groups of up to twenty. A minimum of four classes is recommended, with eight classes being ideal. Classes are offered once per week and typically last 60-90 minutes. The class format is interactive as you actively learn and experience the transformative power of meditation.

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