Couples/Family Mindfulness Instruction

Mindfulness coaching for couples or families focuses upon strengthening your significant relationships through the use of mindfulness. Specifically, coaching will help you and your family member(s) develop these core skills:

  • Present-moment, nonjudgmental attention to one another
  • Fully present listening
  • Responding rather than reacting
  • Honoring your own feelings without being driven by them
  • Developing greater empathy and compassion
  • Recognizing and transcending habitual thought patterns and interactions

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions typically begin with an introduction to mindfulness concepts as well as some practice exercises to learn mindfulness skills. You’ll also be given homework assignments (relatively painless—I promise!) that will help you strengthen your mindfulness skills in your home environment.

The sessions then go on to teach you how to incorporate mindfulness into your conversations and interactions. You will learn how to engage with each other in a conscious, non-reactive manner from a place of wise inner strength and compassion.

A minimum of four coaching sessions is recommended for couples or families, but you are free to take as few sessions or as many as you would like.

Sample Mindfulness Exercises

To get a feel for what mindfulness exercises are like, try out the audio samples of a few of Ronya’s guided meditations. These audio files gently guide you through meditations upon your breath, your body sensations, your mental landscape, and your immediate environment. Listen now »

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