Keynote / Motivational Speaking

Keynote/Motivational speeches introduce groups to the concept of mindfulness and inspire them to take up this powerful practice. These engaging speeches provide listeners with the following information:

  • An overview of mindfulness
  • How mindfulness can benefit both their personal lives and work lives
  • A sampling of mindfulness exercises that can be used at home and at work
  • Resources for learning and practicing mindfulness

Speeches can be tailored for different environments, contexts, and purposes. They can run from 15 to 90 minutes. They are appropriate for conferences, standalone public events, and in-house events.

Ronya is a gifted instructor, storyteller, and motivator, as her testimonials attest. As the primary teacher of Asheville Insight Meditation, she has attracted and developed a burgeoning attendance and membership by individuals and groups whom she has inspired to take up mindfulness as a fundamental part of their lives.

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