Mindful Leadership Training

Mindful Leadership Training strenthens your ability to lead from a place of inner calm and non-reactivity. It allows you to get out of your mind’s way so that its innate capacity for clear assessment and creative innovation shines through.

With training and experience both in mindfulness and in leadership development, Ronya Banks is the ideal coach to bring your leadership skills to the next level. Ronya develops mindfulness training programs for leaders which are tailored to individual needs and goals.

Outcomes of Mindful Leadership Training

  • Increased resilience and flexiblity when faced with challenges
  • Sharpened focus and sustained concentration
  • Heightened awareness and empathy during interpersonal exchanges
  • Enhanced capacity for innovation
  • Increased mental clarity when assessing situations
  • Heightened leadership “presence”

A minimum of four coaching sessions is generally recommended, although you may take as few or as many sessions as you want. More sessions, of course, will offer you the most dramatic and robust growth in your leadership abilities.

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