What People Are Saying about Ronya

“Thank you so much for coming to Care Partners to teach us Mindfulness Meditation techniques. Your instruction, knowledge of, and experience with meditation was refreshing and very helpful to all of us. We are really looking forward to having you come back and teach us some more in the future!”

Danny Johnson, Care Partners Hospice

“Ronya’s mindfulness instruction has has a profound effect not only on my personal life but also on my work life. The heightened calm and inner resilience I’ve gained from mindfulness practice has been a great boon to my productivity.”

Sue Zanneh, Asheville

“Ronya is very knowledgeable and her wise and caring approach makes it easy to learn these mindfulness practices. From her teaching, I am learning to better ‘sit’ and notice and pay attention. I am enhancing my awareness. This practice helps me decrease judgment and increase acceptance. I am becoming better at reacting skillfully to my own thoughts and feelings and better at responding more skillfully to situations and people in my life.”

Amy Joy Suben, MSW, LCSW- C

“I was struck by Ronya’s wonderful skill and compassion in leading….She is gentle and insightful, and her demeanor reflects the depth of her commitment to her own practice….As a psychiatrist and buddhist practitioner, I have nothing but praise for Ronya’s gifts.”

Sherry Dubester, MD

“I finally ‘got’ the true meaning of Mindfulness Meditation and the extraordinary experience of its practice, when led by Ronya Banks. She taught us that Mindfulness does not begin and end in the class, but rather, its practice is absorbed inside us to be carried to our day to day lives, bringing us, with a more open connection with each other, greater energy, awareness, patience, appreciation, along with both enhanced productivity and calm….I feel validated and joyful in Ronya’s presence, the mark of a true teacher…. ”

Jane Q. Stanchich, Great Life Global

“Ronya skillfully weaves together ancient eastern mindfulness philosophies and real-life applications to help participants transform challenging life issues, habitual habit patterns, and core beliefs. With her presence, authenticity, clarity, and humor, Ronya creates an atmosphere of safety, lightness and joy, which makes her–for me–an excellent teacher.”

Barbara N-K, Asheville

“I feel very fortunate for having taken Ronya Banks’ Mindfulness Class series – it was an especially helpful and timely class that helped me better deal with present life and work experiences.”

C. Tipton, Asheville

“Ronya is a wonderful teacher who is compassionate and wise. Her talks are always inspiring….She is a down-to-earth person and understands the human condition. In 2 years, I have never been disappointed in her talks; there is always something to learn and to ponder.”

Judy Levine, Asheville

“I have been practicing meditation for many years, but Ms. Banks Mindfulness Class Series helped me realize how important this practice is to me and my life.”

Charlie Tate, Asheville

“Ronya Banks offers a wonderful basic meditation course. I am very glad I took it and I feel a firmer rooting in my meditations.”

Sherry Schweizer, Asheville

“Ronya is not only an amazing teacher, but also a person that is defined of generosity, compassion and wisdom.”

Scott Walker, Asheville

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